欄目:板材類數控成套加工設備 發布時間:2020-06-04 17:27

  ■ PHD 系列龍門移動式高速數控平面鉆床 PHD series gantry movable CNC plane drilling machine ◆適用范圍 Application 該機主要用于鋼結構、鐵塔、橋梁、機械加工等行業的連接板、地腳板的鉆孔和銑削加工;鍋爐、石化、壓力容器等行業管板、 折流板及法蘭的鉆孔和銑削加工;可以鉆通孔、盲孔、階梯孔、孔端倒角及輕銑加工。 The machine is mainly used for drilling and milling of steel structure,iron tower,bridge,mechanical processing and other industries,such as connecting plate and floor board,drilling and milling of tubes,baffles and flanges in industries such as boiler, petrochemical,pressure vessel and so on;drilling holes,blind holes,step holes,chamfering and light milling.

  ◆產品結構特征 Product structure characteristics 本機主要由床身、龍門、鉆銑動力頭、電氣控制系統、集中潤滑系統、冷卻排屑系統等組成。 This machine is mainly composed of bed,gantry,drilling and milling power head,electric control system,centralized lubrication system,cooling system and chips removal system etc.

  1、龍門移動雙側雙電機雙絲杠同步雙驅,性能穩定、運動靈活,定位準確。 2、采用滑臺式鉆銑動力頭,能實現快進 - 工進 - 快退的自動轉換,具有自動斷屑功能。 3、采用臺灣 BT40 高速內冷精密主軸,可采用硬質合金內冷鉆頭,加工效率極高。 4、配備氣動打刀缸自動換刀,可選配刀庫。 5、西門子 808D 數控系統 + 伺服電機控制,可直接轉換 Auto CAD 圖紙生成加工程序。 6、自動排屑,冷卻液循環使用。 1.Double side lead screw synchronous driving system,stable performance,flexible movement,accurate positioning.

  2.Adopting slide head drilling and milling power head,it can realize the automatic conversion of fast forward,drillng and quick return,and has the function of automatic chip breaking. 3.Adopt Taiwan BT40 high speed internal cooling precision spindle,can adopt hard alloy internal cold drill bit,processing efficiency is very high. 4.Equipped with pneumatic knife cylinder automatic knife replacement,optional tool magazine. 5.SIEMENS 808D CNC + servo motor control,can directly transfer Auto CAD drawings to general processing program. 6.Automatic chip removal,cooling liquid recycling.

    型  號 Model PHD1616 PHD2016 PHD2020  
加工范圍   L×W (mm) 1600×1600 2000×1600 2000×2000  
Processing range   疊加厚度 thicknes(mm)   15-100    
    主軸數量 Number of spindle( 個 )   1    
    主軸型號 Spindle model   BT40/BT50    
  主軸轉速 Spindlespeed(r/min)   30-4500    
Processing range        
    進給行程 Feed stroke(mm)   260    
    攻絲直徑 Tapping diameter(mm)   M20    
    主軸伺服電機 Spindle servo motor   7.5 /11    
電機功率   X 軸   2×2.3    
Motor power(KW)   Y 軸   2.3    
    Z 軸   2.3    
  定位精度 positioning accuracy(mm)   0.1    
重復定位精度 Repeatable positioning accuracy(mm)   0.08    
    控制方式 Control mode 西門子 808D 數控系統 /PLC+ 上位計算機  
    SIEMENS 808D CNC system /PLC+ upper computer  
    機床重量 weight(T) 5.5 6.6 7.2  
  外形尺寸 Contour dimension(mm) 3800×2050×2750 4200×2450×2750 4200×2850×2750